Another "crank that" pandemic that will eventually pass through.

Jerking is where you "jerk" your body wildly like a person having a seizure while standing up that synchronizes with some nonsensical so-called "music".

Apparently, all "jerks" are required by law to wear skinny jeans and they dance around where cars are and then get out of the traffic. (Seriously, can't they even block it or something?)
Are you a jerk?

Yes. I'm a jerk. Let's jerk! Yeah! I'm jerking, man!
by Solarix June 11, 2009
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The directory containing the finest and highest quality self pleasuring images to stimulate the lonely and isolated soul.
Jon: Can you believe that he has a directory named Jerking?
C: Well he is stuck up here all by himself
by foug September 25, 2003
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"Abby was jerking in last night on Skype for me; It was so hot"

"Dude, Could a slang for female masturbation be 'jerk in'?"
"I don't know man, is it on Urban Dictionary?"
by ThisIsArtRightHere September 12, 2017
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Daym, when Ms. Gillian bent over, I had to go to the bathroom and jerk it.

1. "What did you and Lisa do last night?"
2. "I got her to jerk it while I watched MTV."
by The Duke! December 09, 2002
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A person that breaks off the relationship twice, and still expects you to come back to their selfish ass.
Allie's exboyfriend was a real jerk.
by Hackley February 21, 2006
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someone who makes you fall so hard for them then let you go because they like hurting people. or they just love the feeling of you being hurt. or they want to see you upset. this can be an ex boyfriend, a friend, a sibling, a relative, or a teacher
wow that kid over there hurt her he is such a jerk
by stephanieshae January 16, 2018
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Noun. An idiot or stupid person. An insensitive, selfish, ignorant, cocky person who is inconsiderate and does stupid things.
"You're such a JERK for leaving me at the mall with no ride home!"
by x8drea8x July 13, 2005
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