Another word for 'want'.
I dun realli watch wut them 'waan' do.
by Missy November 2, 2004
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A New Orleans term used to greet a fellow human from long distance. Equivalent to NY's yerp
yo is that jay across the street, O WAANN!!!!!
by kelanddenney February 1, 2007
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A weird piece of shit who doesn’t like anything, but he is good at everything. He is toxic af to everyone and gives no shits, and in the end of the day, he fucks a bitch.
I am very Waan at this video game.
by WaanZR October 7, 2019
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a short version of saying whats going on , mostly used in london
Wag Waan Doron?
Nuffin Man
by Crackerless Cracker May 13, 2007
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