A married man is a term used to describe any person in an exclusive relationship (male or female)

Note: The person does not have to actually be married or a man. Just a person in an exclusive relationship.
P: Alyssa! You homewrecker! He was a married man!

A: no he wasn't! He just had a girlfriend!

P: Thats a married man!
by diagonaldog November 7, 2010
The next step after Whippedman Syndrome, it's symptons include all that are outlined in Whippedman Syndrome, however the usual and fairly consistant electronic communications from the affected male turn into only one communication a year; christmas cards. This is occasionally and sparatically follwed by postal communications regarding births, baptisms, graduations, 21st's and finally weddings, thus continuing the cycle for the next generation.
Me: "Man, Sharky's case of Married Man Syndrome has cleared up since Casey dumped his arse, but im not going to hang out with him, the douche hasn't spoken to me in 5 years."
Ryan: "lololol"
by Hunterz January 17, 2007
A guy who doesn't consider it cheating if his wife is in a lesbian relationship. Lesbians might find true love
at a gay bar, but they might find a married straight woman who is just an extension of "Maid married man".

Maid Married man uses his wife to bait potential lesbian Robin hoods and also to disappoint straight women. Maid married man is different from a player/cheater in that he's obtaining action only by proxy through his wife. Maid married man is an expert at bait and switch tactics.
Everything was fine until maid married man wanted me to make out with his girl. Avoid him, that maid married man will have you playing Robyn Hood before the second date. She doesn't have a boyfriend, she's in a relationship with maid married man.
by Wabe1 March 15, 2019
Having a fantasy/crush on a married man, whom you suspect is sexually attracted to you, but you know he won't actually leave his wife, so it's kinda safe. And fun.
I have an MMC (Married Man Crush) on my sexy neighbor, but he's totally married.
by MiaMya February 1, 2010
When a married man wanks quickly and forcefully to avoid being caught by the wife. But afterwards it feels like he tried to rip his cock off.
I did a quick Married Mans Mongrel Maul this morning, but I regret it cos the ol' twig is pretty tender now.
by Slammer 6929 July 7, 2011