A beast. But also very caring and sweet. If you find a Jericho count yourself lucky
That Jericho was so hot, I wanna cuff
by Srrriracha November 14, 2018
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he’s a really nice guy, loves to make jokes and likes thick people, just like him.
wow jericho is sooo thick.... oh yeah thicker than thotiana
by jericho’s cute a$$ March 15, 2019
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He's smart and a fast learner. He never gives up even if one of his body parts are broken or ripped apart from his body. He never goes back on his word. He would never abandon a friend. He good at basketball
Jericho is a very wise person
by Justjaiko January 16, 2018
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The most kind-hearted person in the world, handsome as well is totally visible as you see him. He got the build beside from his lackness in height, a glance at him will lose your track as you get astounded with his deep eyes and genuine smiles. He loves the best, to his family, friends and to his girl. He never failed to be a better man, he's the best man that ever existed. World may filled with chaos, there he stand spreading love and positivity, cheering up everybody's that around him. He's capable of anything, to his studies he do well. He will become to what he wanted to someday, as I see his perseverance and hardwork to reach his goals.
I believe in him. Yes, you have days where you'll be insecure, but I wanted u to know that despite with ur flaws I loved u as a whole, and will always. Nothing can change how perfect you are to me. You are the best man I had, and I couldn't afford to lose a man as precious as you. Iloveyousomuch dada ❤️
by luvsjiwico June 7, 2021
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Someone who is epic. He's super sexy, gets all the ladies, and pwns noobs, all at the same time! He is also the best at skating so don't ever play him in skate!
Trenton: Dude, that guy is awesome at skating and he's getting all the babes too!

Evan: Yeah, I heard his name is Jericho.
by Concrete Penguin May 30, 2011
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The most epic person you will ever meet. He may be small, but big things can in small packages if you know what I mean ;) He also gets all the ladies and he is an insane skater, so never play him in skate unless you want to get raped.
Seth: You see that guy over there? He's hella good at skating and scores all the ladies.

Patrick: Yeah, I heard his name is Jericho.
by Concrete Penguin May 30, 2011
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