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He's smart and a fast learner. He never gives up even if one of his body parts are broken or ripped apart from his body. He never goes back on his word. He would never abandon a friend. He good at basketball
Jericho is a very wise person
by Justjaiko January 15, 2018
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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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A beast. But also very caring and sweet. If you find a Jericho count yourself lucky
That Jericho was so hot, I wanna cuff
by Srrriracha November 13, 2018
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A town in Nassau County in New York. Where every girl owns something from Juicy Couture, So low, Fendi, Prada etc... and if they don't chances are they dont "fit in"
"Jap" is the common word for girls in Jericho.
Thats deffinatly a jericho girl
by Maille Rose February 16, 2008
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Someone who is epic. He's super sexy, gets all the ladies, and pwns noobs, all at the same time! He is also the best at skating so don't ever play him in skate!
Trenton: Dude, that guy is awesome at skating and he's getting all the babes too!

Evan: Yeah, I heard his name is Jericho.
by Concrete Penguin May 29, 2011
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he’s a really nice guy, loves to make jokes and likes thick people, just like him.
wow jericho is sooo thick.... oh yeah thicker than thotiana
by jericho’s cute a$$ March 14, 2019
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It is a modern day Palestinian city in the Occupied West Bank. It is considered the oldest city in the world being well over 11,000 years old. It contains many important sites of historical and religious significance such as the mount of temptations where Jesus Christ isolated himself for 40 days and was tempted by satan. Jericho is in close proximity to the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth. Jericho has a large population of people of African origin, it is also very flat which makes getting around on bicycles so popular there. The majority of the population are muslim but there is a small Christian minority as well. Jericho is known for its fruits such as oranges, dates, mangos and bananas.
"Jericho is too friggin' hot, man! but i like the greenery, it almost seems tropical"

by DANNY The BOSS November 10, 2007
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