Trenton will often come off that he doesn't care. The truth is he cares so much. He has the biggest heart and is always striving to do the right thing. He is very loyal and loving to the people important to him. He keeps his promises. If you are lucky enough to be his girlfriend, he will love you unconditionally. He will never even think of looking at other girls so you will never have to worry. He will support you in everything you do and never give up on you. Trenton enjoys the little things in life. Once you get to know him, you will realize he is very romantic and you will always want to get his approval and also give him yours because it means so much to him. Trenton's are the loyalest friends. Just don't fuck with anyone they love, or you will be in trouble.
Other guy: "Oh Trenton want to go party"

Trenton: "nah man, I'm trying not to be about that anymore. Plus my girlfriend wouldn't like it"
by butthahahahahaha October 4, 2013
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A guy with a pure heart and that is kind but can also be a bad boy. He can help you through anything and if you need a shoulder to cry on he will be there. Trenton can be one of the best people to be in a relationship with.
Trenton is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on
by ZoZotheDemon July 15, 2017
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A Trenton is kind to everyone and never wants anyone to be left out. They can tell if you are feeling down and will do what they can to cheer you up. A Trenton is an amazing person to talk. They can make you smile just by looking at you. A Trenton is very handsome in his own unique way and has a good sense of style.
Did you see that guy, he was definitely a Trenton.
by Jellybean18 May 10, 2020
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Trenton is an amazing guy. He's funny as hell, his sense of humor is everywhere. He is tall and dark haied with dark colored eyes. His voice alone soothes you. His laugh is enchanting. He is protective and can be possessive. He likes to play video games all day, yet likes to go out and be active. He's an awesome best friend, and an even better boyfriend. If you ever get a chance to date a Trenton, you won't regret any second of it. He's amazing. He deserves the world and all the love you can give him.

Don't ever let him go once he's in your life. He will become your number one priority. You don't have to worry about shielding yourself from him, judgement is not in his vocabulary. He will always accept you for you. Unless you make him mad. And that's not a road you want to walk down.
Girl 1: Trenton is my boyfriend
Girl 2: What? I'm so jealous!
Girl 1: He's amazing!
Girl 2: You don't gotta brag now...
by Geminikit10 October 31, 2018
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Trenton is a person who will come off as an asshole when you first meet him, but you will come to see that he is the sweetest boy alive. He is there to defend you when you are being bullied, he is there for you when you had a bad day, he will always be by your side. Once he falls in love with you he will never take his eyes off you. He is sexy, cute, athletic, and the most amazing person ever. Don't be fooled by his bad boy look. He is actually very kind and quite a gentleman.
Trenton is Perfect
by HeartBreaker317 January 27, 2019
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A super sweet guy who is super cute and so many girls like him but he goes for the one girl other guys find “ugly, unpopular” and he loves hanging out with her. He is super into sports and has the ability to play an instrument. He doesn’t brag about the things he is good at and he does everything he can to make you happy. He’s a super goofball but girls love it.
Girl #1: oh look there’s Trenton I wish he wasn’t so in love with Bailey.
Girl#2: Ya I wish I were Bailey to be honest.
by “Katie” December 1, 2017
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A kid every girl wants to be with because kind caring but also his 20 inch dick
by Fastkid September 10, 2018
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