Being unable to believe what is right in front of your eyes.
She was astounded at the sight of her son in law doing the helicopter.
by ⭐️ July 13, 2014
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adj. To be so utterly immense that one traps just enough intelligence within one's massive bulk that he/she obstinately refuses to believe that he can ever be wrong. The individual in question will often sarcastically remark about the "astounding" nature of others' intellects so as to inflate his own ego. His mouth never stops moving, whether he is talking to attract attention or eating to increase his mass.

See load.
Bradley's intelligence was astounding, as was his weight.
by Burley February 27, 2007
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Search for sailing by celtic woman and that is what astounding is.
by thydeus November 24, 2012
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1. Kodama
2. To astonish and bewilder.
Kodama is astounding.
by William April 24, 2004
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Often said in a sarcastic tone.

A more direct and fancy way of saying- "Don't humor yourself. You're not as witty, smart, or funny as you'd like to think."
Person 1: Hey, hey, listen to this one. Do you know how I got out of Iraq?........IRAN! (bwahahahaha)

Person 2: *rolls eyes* Your wit astounds me.

Can also be heard in the greatest female coming of age movie ever made, Now and Then.
by stereoscope April 10, 2011
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