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Biggest Ho you've ever met
Yo you seen that bitch thotiana? She sucked 11 dicks at the party last night
by jonny_diesel January 04, 2014
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Syllabification: Thot·I·ana· ( I sounds like an E)

1 A girl in a fantasy world. if you let her tell it she on the way to a royal ball with a fairy god mother and All waiting for prince charming to find her glass sandal (hood rat Egyptian shoes). In real Life she a bout nothing bitch no car, no job, cant keep a man, has kids but doesn't raise them, will fuck any nigga that buy her a drink. You can find these thirsty bitches dancing by them selves at clubs,bars & local events or sometimes in groups of fat chicks to make the feel "special". A quick sign of a Thotiana will be there non name brand swap meet looking purse or the same old beat up bootleg Loui vatton there baby daddy bought at a smoke shop.
AS NOUN A thing of unrecognized or disregarded thotness or Hoodratness.

AS NOUN A neglected aspect of something:
She use to be cool but go't damn that bitch acting like a thotiana now!
by butterfingerbandit August 08, 2014
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