The only comeback someone has when they're getting roasted to hard.
Jack: Keep talking shit and I'll beat your ass
Kevin:I bet you would you pussy.
by OfficalFetty January 12, 2016
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This means that the person who said this will beat the living crap out of you or that they are horny and want to fuck your brains out of you
1. (Argument between two randos) “ima beat your ass if you don’t give it back.
2. (Argument between the homies) “ima beat your ass 😏” the homies love each other very much.
by Biggy Wiggy June 14, 2022
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Today is the day ladies! ATTENTION all young men & old men today you MUST let your Girlfriend beat YOUR ass !! NO hitting , fighting , breaking up , silent treatment , or shooting !
Girl : who is that ?

Him : bae idk what you talking about !
* girl thinks and remember that today is “national beat your boyfriend ass day *
Girl : that’s alright ima beat yo ass

* gf attacks bf *
by sillywillydillypilly April 18, 2019
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