In Nepali, "dada" is a sweet addressing term for a older male than yourself. It shows respect, love and sounds better than the normal term "dai" for a older male. You would not call all the older guys you know "dada"; it is reserved for those more closer, attached people in your life, like family and dear friends.
by Overboard February 20, 2015
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Anti-art, yet art. Something that is purpously the opposite of all typical artistic standards as an artistic statement
That's so dada, it breaks all the rules yet has meaning to it
by Leo19 September 6, 2006
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the boss, the hnic, the man running things without question. of subcontinental origin. literally means 'paternal grandfather.' can also be used sarcastically/derogatorily depending on context.
when you gonna realize who the dada is around here?

get out of my business, quit being a dada
by illustrious degenerate April 17, 2007
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A middle child who acquired a nickname with an unknown origin. This is a nickname usually called by the younger sibling.
"Have you seen dada today?" said the younger sister.
"No, she's working today." said the older sister.
by mynameisdada December 4, 2005
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Early XX century artistic vanguard. Supposedly to be funny, nihilistic, and sarcastic yet every people who likes dada will mostly be boring as hell and probably be an art fag.
Crazy art student Tommy decorated his face with shit because it was cool and dada.
by virginmary July 13, 2005
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It’s the reality that when a GenZ member agrees at the end of a conversation, they say 100%. That agreement isn’t agreement; it sounds solid, but if they feel slightly different in five minutes, the weather changes, Or popular opinion shifts on a dime, they’re no longer 100%; they’re Dada%, which means they’re not on board or agree in any way anymore.
I’m baffled because Shane said he was 100% and was coming over to hang, but then I see in his feeds that he went out to a party; I guess he was Dada%.
by Hixxz68 February 26, 2023
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Clothing made of sheet plastic. Worn by scores of angry fourteen year olds.
"See that kid in the DADA jacket? That's the kind of lining I want for our pool."
by tea chest February 26, 2006
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