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The act of taking an egg, with draw on face with square glasses on a night out. Often involving taking photos of said egg in unusual scenes.
I went Jeffing last night! He got smashed!
by Kyle454 December 24, 2012
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A Kansas City term for "faking" or being fake in general.
" Yo George stop jeffing with Ben, you was just talking bad about this dude a few days ago."
by Gmoney289 January 15, 2018
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The act of losing your shit at given moment for things some may find very insignificant. Resulting in your entire day being ruined and most likely breaking anything you can get your hands on.
Why is there a hole in the wall? Jeff was Jeffing over not being able to beat free cell in under 2 minutes.
by Jbarrer December 07, 2016
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The act of reiterating exactly the same thing your friend literally just said, causing a cloud of annoyance and awkwardness amongst the group.
Colin: "Guys, I just ordered 5000 condoms online."
Wyatt: "Oh, I was just about to say, I ordered 5000 condoms online too!"
Colin: "Wyatt, quit Jeffing me."
Dylan: "Yeah, you're such a Jeff!"
by HeyJeff April 08, 2015
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Getting totally rad uphills while getting stoked on pain
Andrew: Hey, fancy a jeffing session today?
Martin: Aye pal, sounds super rad...pure get our climb on
by flat_lemon June 27, 2011
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