a combination of soccer and shishkebobs
"I think foosball is a combination of soccer...and shishkebobs..." Mitch Hedberg
by Jack_in_AR May 17, 2005
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You been playin that foosball boy?
by vlcmdude October 14, 2005
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The best game in the world. Played mostly during school lunch time or after school hours.
Come on, musketeers, let's go play some more foosball!
by W&J September 27, 2003
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A sport growing in popularity within the seedy underbelly of society. Usually played in dark corners of pubs and bars, its presence is only given away by the occasional cry of 'goal' from one of the sweaty contenders.
Use of gloves, lubricant and rubber johnnys have lead to the game gaining an association with the porn industry, but this link is unfounded, and is pure sensationalism spread by the media.
The game of foos can be likened to an art: The players are the artistes, the table their canvas, and the ball and men their awesome tools of artistic creation.
F**k pool - let's foos
by leaks September 24, 2004
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Also known as babyfoot or table soccer.
This game looks boring as hell from an external point of view, but when you get into it it's fucking addictive, just like Counter-Strike.
The players are most likely geeks who skip their maths class to play, talk shit to each other and yell like they won the FIFA World Cup when they score a goal.
This game requires a lot of skill to play and there are worldwide competitions with thousands of dollars to win, where only the cream of the geeks, the kings of the wrists can attend.
A-"This one entered your ass reallllly deep noob."
B-"Damn, that was painful. How did it pass ???"
A-"I don't know but I loved it, don't ya ?"
B-"Yeah I would say that."
by Damien October 4, 2004
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The game some people at my school play during lunch or break times.

Also, the game that I kick Steven and Mike's ass at.
Guy #1: Hey, let's go get high and play some foos.
Guy #2: Alright dude, sounds awesome.

A few minutes later...

Guy #2: I fucking hate you and this game.
by Clifford B. April 16, 2005
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