Leaving - Rap slang - late 80's
Shortened from Audi 5000, which was an alternate version of Audi, which means "out"
Homes1: Yo, you want another 40?
Homes2: Nah man, I'm 5000. I'll sniff ya on the flip.
by money September 12, 2003
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1) A number
2) The holiday of when someone turns 5000 days old, usually around age 13-14.
3) Slang that means "I'm gone," or "I'm out."
1) 5000 people attended
2) Happy 5000!
3) I'm 5000, I have to 5000
by swrld November 23, 2020
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DoucheTron 5000 is the robot version of Trump. It is programmed to only lie and fraudulently cheat and alienate all who have the misfortune to cross its path. It automatically grabs any woman's pussy within reach. DoucheTron 5000 also takes massive dumps like its "human" counterpart. Its main weakness is its fragile ego software.
DoucheTron 5000 had a meltdown today when confronted with irrefutable facts and logic.
by EightBall July 23, 2018
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you know Joe down the street? yeah he got one of them new nigger 5000's. works like a charm. picks cotton faster than any of my niggers.
by blargalarga June 18, 2015
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When somebody is being so extremely unenjoyable and faggot-like, you can't think of any other word to call them except for Faggotron-5000.
Man, Jeff won't quit cock-blocking me in front of Linda, what a Faggotron-5000!
by FreakinFreakk July 28, 2011
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An adjective desribing one or more people who intend on leaving a particular place. Audi's model 5000 sedan was plagued with a problem charcterized by unintended acceleration, in which drivers' complained that the vehicle lurched forward when their foot was on the brake pedal. In reality, it turned out that the acclerator and brake pedals were unusually close together. This is why Audi 5000 is associated with leaving quickly, because that is what this vehicle did when some old fartknocker hit the gas instead of the brakes.
by Big Pimp March 1, 2005
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A machine that turns any random bystander into a fag. Manufactured by Sony.
Guy 1: Hey bro, what happened to John?
Guy 2: Oh man, John got hit by the Fagatron 5000. Now he's a fag.
Guy 1: Damn it, I wanted to hang out with him soon.
by SpookLuc:) May 24, 2016
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