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A person who is annoying, always getting in the way, holding things up, or just plain stupid.

Comes from the dictionary definition of the word that is a block that you put under wheels to stop them from moving on cars or airplanes.

Can be used as a noun (you are a chock) or a verb (to chock)
Come on, stop being such a chock, we need to leave now!

Jimmy really chocked us last night when we wanted to go to the movie and he wasn't ready
by Dandys September 14, 2009
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to choke on cock while giving head.
"dude! last night, my GF was giving me head, and i made her chock!"
by clintiee April 06, 2008
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to have a good sexual encounter, esp. when the male hold the woman's neck in a violent but passionant manner. Hair pulling is a plus.
"Dude, I'm gonna get chocked tonight!"
by Fwan January 07, 2011
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(v.) same as the verb <i>choke</i> when the object of chocking is a cock.
she totally chocked on that monster!
by Chris Cliche April 14, 2004
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A chick with a cock. Can be any transvestite, transexual, cross dresser, or any other variable.
That chick I took home last night ended up having a cock...

...oh shit dude! You banged a chock??

...well I already had her home...
by cowboytn March 16, 2014
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