John: "Who's Wyatt?"
Dylan: "Batman, Who Else"
by K*Rocky October 8, 2012
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Wyatt is a name for..

An awsome guy that is easy to make friends with. He is loving, smart, sweet, understanding, caring, trustworthy, easy going, cute, and a hell-a-lot more. He is the guy you can go to and talk and he will actually listen. He makes you feel like your actually wanted. He will confort you when you need it most, he knows when it’s a bad time to make a joke. He will ask you what is wrong and he worries. He cares about you and loves you for who you are, not for money, what brand of cloths you wear, or how you live your life. Words can’t truly define him, he is just amazing. And I love him for who he is. He is the guy you don’t really see unless you meet him. After that, you ask yourself why you didn’t meet him sooner.
"whoa, who's that sweet guy"
"oh, thats wyatt"
by ItZ_BlitZ December 20, 2016
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Wyatt is the man
Nuff said

A legend

A little warrior

All girls like him

Your jealous and your reading this

Wyatts the man

He wears goggles in the pool.
See that person, that's a Wyatt
by billybib April 30, 2014
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The sweetest guy ever who always worries about you. He is amazing and makes you feel as if you are needed and wanted and cares about you. Hes the best thing thats ever happend to me. He never gives up on telling me how beautiful i am. The minute i see him, he makes my day. when something isnt going right, i think of him and it all gets better. And i love him sooo much!
Wyatt is soo sweet!
by SALZMAN April 6, 2013
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A gorgeous dude Tall with wide shoulders beautiful dark brown eyes, every girl is after him. Stubborn, and sensitive. An amazing athlete. Wonderful personality no one can resist him, can be an asshole sometimes, but other times a complete sweetheart,just Wyatt.
That guy is totally a Wyatt.
by My Team;) February 22, 2012
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A sweet, caring person who is extremely good looking (hunkalicious if I may). Wyatts are athletes, and extremely muscular. They enjoy music and care for people, which is why they have so many friends. Overall, Wyatts are awesome, amazing people, who have a great sense of humor.
Person 1: "who is that person over there?"

Person 2: "oh that BOIII? Das Wyatt GUR"
by helloiamrllycool January 26, 2015
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Wyatt's are trustful, funny, and respectful guys. Wyatt's are people who can keep secrets, and have good times with. If you're in a bad mood Wyatt can instantly make you feel better, Wyatt can make you forget whats wrong. Most Wyatt's will fall for a girl who he is friends with first. ( Most Wyatt's like girls with light-colored hair, maybe blonde or ash brown.)

If you're ever in a relationship with a Wyatt, take him seriously because he cares about you. You're a lucky girl to be with a Wyatt. They might flirt or joke with you when they're bored, and if you catch Wyatt looking at you they're thinking about you, and how lucky they are to know you.

Wyatt's are amazing with kids. If he has a younger sibling, boy or girl, he will play with them, joke with them, care for them, even if his friends are around he'll still stay with his brother or sister.
Girl 1- I never thought my day could be better but then Wyatt showed up
Girl 2- I know, he can brighten anyone's day up :)
by BeTheBestYouYouCanBe October 14, 2019
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