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Wyatt is the man
Nuff said

A legend

A little warrior

All girls like him

Your jealous and your reading this

Wyatts the man

He wears goggles in the pool.
See that person, that's a Wyatt
by billybib April 30, 2014
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A guy that can be a tough nut to crack, but once you get to know him he is super sweet. Wyatt's can be trusted and are great listeners. They tend to be good at any sports like baseball, basketball, cross country, track, and football. He is tall, tan, skinny, and has dirty blond hair, and green eyes. They are very attractive but they don't think so. Wyatt's make great cuddle buddies and boyfriends. They always get the good girls. They tease you a lot but they're really flirty with the girl they love. He acts tough around all his friends but is a real sweetheart around his girl. He is very protective of the ones he loves and makes you feel safe. He is strong and stubborn but would never abuse his girl.
Girl: is that Wyatt?!
Girl 2: yes!!! Isn't he a cutie
by Bubble guppies January 03, 2014
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Wyatt is someone who you would want to meet, he is one of a kind and very good looking. A Wyatt is someone who will always be there for you when you need him. They can also be called a Julie because it works out great. If you are dating a Wyatt you are very lucky to have someone as special because there is nothing better then a Wyatt. You should never to let go of what you have so dont make any stupid chioces because i promise you that there is no one better in this world. Wyatts are also amazing at sports. They can be good at anything they try! A Wyatt will treat a girl right and he will make a relationship better then you ever dreamed off. They are the funnest person to be around. He will light up your day even if it's the worst day you have ever had. No matter if you sit there with nothing to do and your. with a Wyatt it will be the best time if your life. I would say if your looking for an amazing relationship that you find a guy named Wyatt but the only problem is the best one is taken (:
Girl one: hey you see that Wyatt?
Girl two: yeah he's the full package isn't he?
Girl one: yeah I don't it gets any better!
Girl two: no that would be impossible!
Girl three: yeah he sure is a full package and can't get any better but hey you better think about looking for someone else because he's mine forever!!!
by gdhda March 13, 2013
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A gorgeous dude Tall with wide shoulders beautiful dark brown eyes, every girl is after him. Stubborn, and sensitive. An amazing athlete. Wonderful personality no one can resist him, can be an asshole sometimes, but other times a complete sweetheart,just Wyatt.
That guy is totally a Wyatt.
by My Team;) February 21, 2012
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A sweet, caring person who is extremely good looking (hunkalicious if I may). Wyatts are athletes, and extremely muscular. They enjoy music and care for people, which is why they have so many friends. Overall, Wyatts are awesome, amazing people, who have a great sense of humor.
Person 1: "who is that person over there?"

Person 2: "oh that BOIII? Das Wyatt GUR"
by helloiamrllycool January 25, 2015
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