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The most beautiful girl ever in the world, she will make your world, if you find one,keep her for your whole life, shes the best thing that would happened your life, has dark brown hair, dark brown i eyes, and the cutest face ever!!
Janely i love you
by Lololololololoo :v July 09, 2013
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A stunning lady whose beauty and strength radiate from the inside.

Naturally artistic and creative with a head full of dreams. A loyal friend and lover. Innovative and extremely intelligent.
Janelys is the name of an amazing woman.
by Kenja February 03, 2010
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a loser stoner kid who listens to too much Lil Peep, loves makeup, and is constantly suffering from an existential crisis. Loves remembering memories with friends by showing old pics but is always wary of accidentally showing a nude. She is a real good homie but can turn aggressive in a second.
Janely is always ready to sesh.

Her make up is on point. She must be a Janely.
by potatoburps January 10, 2018
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Janely is a goofy, caring, nice person but can instantly become aggressive and stoned all the time. She has dark brown hair, dimples, and shes short, shes loves makeup, jordans and has some great style. Mostly every boy wants her because she smokes and shes thick. she gets put through so much but ignores it because she cares more about the ones she loves even though she can have some brake downs. She has dated many wanna be gangbangers because shes into bad boys but If you find yourself a Janely dont let her go she’s somethings you’ll regret loosing and hurting.
Person: whos that cute girl smoking
Other person: That Stoner must be a Janely
by Babysharkdodooo December 03, 2018
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