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A term commonly used by O-meister (see OG Mudbone) to describe someone who is possibly (but not exclusively) under the influence of marijuana. Or who is acting like a goddamn stoner kid.
-My shit smells like weed, i gotta stop smoking.
-Damn fool, you's a stoner kid.
by stonah kid July 18, 2010
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Kids who,as the name implies, get stoned on a regular basis and are around others who do the same. Most stoners live in boring suburban areas where there is little to do. They tend to dislike most non-stoners or anyone who is more mainstream, though this isn't always the case. Most stoners tend to have an alternative style that may be mixed in with styles of scene kids or goths. More "unique" appearance than the average joe. They tend to stick together, and commonly don't try and put effort into their schoolwork as they want to keep up their reputation of not caring. They also have a tendency to get in trouble with their school, as they sometimes carry substances with them. In general, they are more accepting of people who are different, which makes stoners hard to point out as they are a mix of many different kinds of people that smoke just as much.
For stoner kids, smoking weed is their favorite recreational pass time.
by Feely7 April 25, 2011
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