Just follow your instincts... If she's a cute girl, you will know it the second you see her...
She has that special look in her eyes every time she looks at you... her hair falls perfectly down her shoulders and back, and every single thing about her is just cute...

I talked with her the other day! And she was such a cute girl!!
by MasterArnar March 24, 2015
More than just her soothing presence and her pretty face, she is a girl that also has a big heart, a sweet voice that touches your heart, a smile that lights up the night and a look that carries you to the stars

Haven't met her? Well don't she's mine 🥰. JK 😇
Joedine is the cute girl in my story
by Tall Blushing Guy 😑🥰 January 17, 2022
boy 1: damnnn look at that cute girl.
boy 2: yo her names probably lily
by NotCurtislol December 9, 2020
Hey your a cute girl wanna “hang” (hang onto my balls)
by Nontaken July 18, 2020
When an attractive girl is given lower prices and quicker service by various places of business due to her looks.
- "Hey! I paid $10 more than her!"
- "She must have got the cute girl discount."
by apc34 March 25, 2009
When a girl is so cute, yet intimidating, that she gives off a scary persona. These girls tend to delegate tasks to others in true lady boss fashion, but do so in such a sweet manner that you don't even notice that you're doing her bidding.
Raphael: Alexandria is really freaking cute.
Nathan: Yeah, but she's so intimidating!
Raphael: She's cute girl scary.
by raphattack June 20, 2013
When ugly girls think they are actually good looking or cute, due to the fact that they are easier to sleep with and less intimidating than hot girls. Therefore more guys are likely to hit on them and give them compliments to sleep with them. This usually results with the guy fucking them just because they are around while simultaneously raising the girls self-confidence. This is why so many ugly girls actually think they are good looking.
Girl: "Omg that is the first time I got turned down."
Girl: "Please don't fall in love with me."
.....don't worry your ugly no problem.

Guy:"Why is that fat girl wearing such a tight shirt?"
Dude: "Man she has got Cute Girl Syndrome."
by WinterSummerSpringFall November 2, 2010