A girl who you think is perfect for you. Like the girl I have a crush on, she is perfect. Love you Jenny!!!

Love, Buddy.
by A hockey player September 19, 2020
The one that you love and care about, the one that you will never ever betray. The one girl in your kife that you know will always be with you and will never hurt you in any way. She will be the one that you think about every moment of every day, and you will always look forward to being with her. You will never lie to her and will give your very heart and soul to her. If she is the one most beautiful girl in the world, she will take your secrets, your sorrows, your joys, your very heart and soul, and she will keep it safe and cherish it forever. She will always love you and you should always love her back. She should be the one that you will always be there for. Treat her like she is a goddess and never turn away, because if you do, she might vanish forever. Do all of this, because beauty is not just skin deep, it is what you do with her that makes her beautiful. Make this choice wisely, because iif you don't, you might ruin your whole life. Make a good decision like i have. I am inspired to say this because of the most beautiful gerl in the world to me. I love you Ashley!


Guy 1: Dude, who is the most beautiful girl in the world to you?
Guy 2: Man, its gotta be Ashley!
by Littlebear106 January 1, 2015
The most beautiful girl in the world is Kristen
by kristenno November 21, 2019
Mary is my girlfriend and I love her to the moon and back she is the reason I wake up with a smile on my face without her I’m trash i am In love with her I love you baby🥰
by Mary’s boyfriend February 15, 2021
my gf doesnt think she's beautiful, so i told her to look it up.
it is a scientific fact that annie h is the most beautiful girl in the world
by joe the beast April 2, 2009
A girl named Cadence. She's got eyes that sparkle like the Hudson River, and deep brown eyes that glow in the sunlight. She's got the most amazing smile, and laughter that would drive any sane man mad. She's by far, the most beautiful girl in the world.
by Flippityflappity September 4, 2021