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Paul McCartney is probably one of the greatest legends of music of all time. He was (obviously) the bass player, pianist, and occasional singer for the beatles and the leading man of the Wings. He was referred to as "the cute Beatle" because of his amazingly good looks. Even though he is around 72 years old now, He still manages to pull off one of the greatest performances I have ever seen a musician play.
Person 1: Lets go to a Paul McCartney in concert!
Person 2: Totally!! He is my inspiration!!
by SALERMI Man March 13, 2015
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A great song by Ariana Grande in which the music video is of her getting out of her car during a like comet explosion or something even though everyone tells her not to.
Mom: Billy stay in the car!
Billy: so ONE LAST TIMEEE! *runs out of car*
by SALERMI Man March 13, 2015
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This song is by far the most...

Fucking stupid of all Meghan Trainor songs. And all of her songs are stupid. This song is tired, out dated, and annoying. Also this phrase is used to describe fatness
Radio: Because you know I'm all about that bass
Everyone: Ya we know you're fat
by SALERMI Man March 13, 2015
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Bae or bæ stands for "before anyone else"

It also means poop in Dansih apparently
Person one: Oh Kyle? He's my bae.
Person two: You two are such baes
by SALERMI Man March 13, 2015
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You may think she's your best friend but soon you will find that's she is a bitch. So if your friends with a Bryn and she is starting to act up then RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN! Kthxbai
Bryn: Hi Everyone

Everyone: Bye
by SALERMI Man February 22, 2014
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The most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, funny, just over all perfect girl you will ever meet. Everyone is always jealous of her and always wants to hang out with her. She always knows what to say in awkward situations, and she's so fun to be around. If you're friends with a Jane, you are a very lucky man.
Person 1: I wish I could be like Jane!
Person 2: Yeah, she really knows how to get the party going.
by SALERMI Man March 13, 2015
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