A term used by retards on their social media the day after they partied. They want everyone to know that something went wrong (they messed up / got caught/ didn't have fun). Then they do the same exact thing next weekend, and also call it a jag.
If only last night wasn't such a jag.
Chloe's party was such a jag!
by Officer Jonathon October 15, 2018
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n. a person characterized by boorish behavior, selfishness, or flagrant stupidity.

-Short form of jag-off.
-Similar to a dickhead.
-Not to be confused with wanker, which has an implication of ineptitude.
-Used mainly by Americans from cities between Chicago and Boston.
"Hey, jag, why don't you watch where you're driving?!"

"Your father is sleeping on the couch because he is acting like a jag."

"The President is a jag."
by Spencer D H December 04, 2007
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Judge, Advocate, General is what it really stands for. It is an elite legal wing of officers trained as lawyers who investigate, prosecute and defend those accused of crimes in the military!
Tv Show JAG starring Catherine Bell and David James Elliott
by lil_mac January 14, 2005
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A word popularised on the messageboards of UK music website Drowned in Sound to describe a post purporting to be from a fan of a band, when in fact it is a friend of the band, or the band themselves, attempting to promote their music.
JAG is a 'DiSism'.
'that was a blatant JAG'
'Stop JAG-ing about Craine'
by PINGU THE GREAT June 18, 2008
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Generally a really nice guy.
Will treat his girlfriend really well.
Is gorgeus!!!
Very amazing.. You'd be lucky to have him in your life.
Girl 1 : Wow, look at that guy over there he is gorgues!
Girl 2 : I heard he is really amazing tbf :)
Girl 1 : Wow, must be a jag :)
by Alilibabz April 28, 2010
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To party really hard, especially with alcohol.

I jagged my face off.

He out jagged his own body and now he's paying for it.

I'm so jaggin' right now.
by Hexis July 25, 2008
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