Douchery is douchebaggery which is merely tedious.

Unlike full-blown douchebaggery, mere douchery does not provoke sufficient passion in the observer to make the two hard consonants in the middle of the word worth the effort.
Jack: Check it - what kind of guy comes to a football game wearing a Vacheron watch? Douchebaggery!
Joe: Nah man, that's just a fake.
Jack and Joe: <sigh> Douchery...
by Pipe Downn January 10, 2010
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N. - An act of douche-like quality; a place where the art of douchery is practiced.

Alternate spelling: doucherie (archaic)
"I'm sick of working at this douchery."

"When you turned on me in that meeting - that was some serious douchery."

"Forsooth, latent asshole, thou hast wandered oft through the land of doucherie, where politician weaves his tale and pigeon doth shit on thy head."
- Lord Elbenworth

by Lord Cyrinald November 07, 2007
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The horrendous acts of unadulterated stupidity perpetrated by baldwin, don and all known associates.
Since Baldwin arrived, the office has been flooded with douchery.
by hamburger2 August 22, 2011
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The factory of which a douche comes from. Can be an actual douche, or a person who resembles one.
Dude, were you born in a douchery!?
by SuperSmurf April 27, 2009
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