Although he seems very bright and happy, Ethan deals with a lot of things on the inside. He might seem like someone who brushes everything off, but he takes everything to heart, so be careful with what you say to him. He has very strong feelings for everyone close to him, but once his feelings are lost, they are very hard to return. He is normally the friend to help you with your problems and always ask what'a wrong, but no one ever checks in on him. So if he seems a little closed off or isn't being himself, check in on him, especially randomly, he'll love that. If he says nothing's wrong, there's definitely something bothering him, it could just take a little time for him to open up to you. Once Ethan does, you have gained his trust and you better keep it. He will do everything he can to fight for you, but once he sees you don't want to be in his life, he'll stop and cut all ties to you. Ethan is very nice and has kind heart, if you lose as a friend, you haven't gained him as an enemy. if you haven't talked in a while, but call him or text asking for help, he'll be there for you. He puts everyone else in front of him and cares for himself last. If you show him any form of care you'll have him in a heart beat. If you have him as a best friend and cut him off or stop talking t him, it leaves him feeling like it wasn't enough, his rebuilding process is taking 2 to 3 days to let him reflect on what he's done and how t make himself better and to keep his new friend.
person 1: Ethan always seems so happy how does nothing effect him

person 2: yeah that's true, buy you know behind every smile is someone that has been hurt and left beaten.
by SoundBlast03 April 12, 2020
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He will run off with your weed sack
Guy 1: Yo i heard you got your pack took last night!
Guy 2: Yeah i think Ethan took it, he was quick af bro.
Guy 1: Atleast i still have my—
Ethan: *swoosh*
by aKreepyOldMan February 25, 2020
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The nicest person out there, it is easy to become friends with him. He is the type of person who would do anything to make the people he cares about happy. Words to describe him: smart, generous, caring, kind, cute :), talented, and funny. He is a complete sweetheart and can't stay mad at someone for more than 30 seconds. He is literally flawless and can make the perfect friend, or something even more. Once you meet an Ethan, you'll never want to let him go. Once he leaves, it may be hard for him to come back.
Person 1: You know that guy who is really good at guitar and volunteers at the animal shelter?
Person 2: Oh him? Yeah, his name is Ethan.
Person 1: Really? No surprise there :)
by axcxl December 14, 2018
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The kind of guy any girl would be lucky to have. He's not always the center of attention, but he doesn't mind. He has his secrets, and he keeps to himself a lot. But once you get to know him, he's one of the best people you'll ever meet. Sensitive, sweet, and absolutely hilarious. Insecure at times, but an extremely intelligent guy. Might be looked at as a nerd from an outside view, but from an inside view he's not so easily labelled. Closest thing to perfect a guy can be.
Friend; Did you hear Ethan was dating her?

Me; Yeah, she's gotta be the luckiest girl in the world!
by Purple Waterbottle November 19, 2012
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Ethan Definition:

eth·an (ˈiθən)


someone who makes life more enjoyable. An Ethan is someone who can change your whole world just by looking into their eyes. They have this extraordinary, old soul that is like no other; you will never meet someone quite as special. Ethan's have no trouble reassuring you of their feelings, ensuring you are at your happiest, and motivating you to keep going even when things get very hard. It is not hard falling in love with an Ethan, you don't even know it's happening until you realize they have never left your mind since the night you met them. It's almost as if the universe sent them to you when you needed them the most, like a Guardian Angel. Every moment you share together will end up being a core memory; for every laugh, kiss, cry and hug will make you wish you could press loop like it's your favorite song, wanting to experience it a million times over again. I hope every person got to experience what its like to love and be loved by an Ethan.
Friend #1: ITS A DIAMOND!
Friend #3: ITS AN ANGEL!
Me: No, its an Ethan.
by Dom Daddy December 10, 2022
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ethan. a magical transformer toaster that makes crunchyyummyness toast, that squishy snakes love and try to lick with their forked tongues, only to get either burned or electrocuted. the end
Dude that toaster is being attacked by snakes
It's a total Ethan
by Nonefundementals June 26, 2011
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