The nicest person out there, it is easy to become friends with him. He is the type of person who would do anything to make the people he cares about happy. Words to describe him: smart, generous, caring, kind, cute :), talented, and funny. He is a complete sweetheart and can't stay mad at someone for more than 30 seconds. He is literally flawless and can make the perfect friend, or something even more. Once you meet an Ethan, you'll never want to let him go. Once he leaves, it may be hard for him to come back.
Person 1: You know that guy who is really good at guitar and volunteers at the animal shelter?
Person 2: Oh him? Yeah, his name is Ethan.
Person 1: Really? No surprise there :)
by axcxl December 14, 2018
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Ethan is the best friend a guy could ever have. He's funny, kind, caring, and likes to act and be a complete retard a lot. He's the best at driving games, and tends to show off his complete weirdness. Everyone who's a friend of and Ethan is a friend of an Impractical Joker.
Guy 1: "Did you see what that dude did? He screamed 'DONT TOUCH THE CHILD!!' at the top of his lungs!"
Guy 2: "Classic Ethan"
by smashbros850 December 7, 2016
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He will run off with your weed sack
Guy 1: Yo i heard you got your pack took last night!
Guy 2: Yeah i think Ethan took it, he was quick af bro.
Guy 1: Atleast i still have my—
Ethan: *swoosh*
by aKreepyOldMan February 25, 2020
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The kind of guy any girl would be lucky to have. He's not always the center of attention, but he doesn't mind. He has his secrets, and he keeps to himself a lot. But once you get to know him, he's one of the best people you'll ever meet. Sensitive, sweet, and absolutely hilarious. Insecure at times, but an extremely intelligent guy. Might be looked at as a nerd from an outside view, but from an inside view he's not so easily labelled. Closest thing to perfect a guy can be.
Friend; Did you hear Ethan was dating her?

Me; Yeah, she's gotta be the luckiest girl in the world!
by Purple Waterbottle November 19, 2012
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He has a big pp
Wow ethans pp is so big
by El Chapo the sexy elpaco January 23, 2020
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