an irritating individual with no sense of a social filter and no realization of the implication of his actions; socially inept.
"Did you hear the ludicrous things that guy was saying? What a jag!"
by teekay January 11, 2004
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A slang for a British car Jaguar
1-Hey, I got a Jag
2-Wow, sure is a beautiful car
by britishcarsrule March 6, 2011
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A car built in Coventry, England by Jaguar Cars which is the only known cure for the pain of being a middle-aged man.
Man 1: Hey you look fantastic, so relaxed. Are you on Prozac?
Man 2: No man, I got my Jag.
by Mot77 June 13, 2013
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A term used in Hawaii- specifically Maui- to describe oneself when you are drunk, wasted
Man 1: Ho, Maikai is sooo jag right now, he stay falling over

Man 2: I know!! He wen drink 5 beers already
by Sofiasoulj September 14, 2019
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Is that your Jag XKR?
by EJL November 7, 2003
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A very annoying person that you are friends with but yet you treat them like shit.
Do you ever hang out with Jonah?

Yeah what a jag!
by Patman1999 April 15, 2014
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Verb (Jagged | Jagging)
Within the competitive Surf Life Saving movement of Australia; to jag someone is to catch up to someone who is leading the racing pack by catching a wave from the back of the racing pack. Though legal competitively, it is often frowned upon due to it's lack of effort after the leader put in considerably more effort in actually getting to the front by themself.
I was going to win that race until those bloody Northcliffe paddlers jagged me!
by Pseudoname1234 July 17, 2009
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