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an irritating individual with no sense of a social filter and no realization of the implication of his actions; socially inept.
"Did you hear the ludicrous things that guy was saying? What a jag!"
by teekay January 11, 2004
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In the world of sports, JAG is the term for an average at best athlete, meaning, "Just A Guy."
Joe: "You think our first round pick will ever amount to anything?"

Bob: "No, sadly he is a JAG."
by FartWaffles87 February 28, 2016
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A car built in Coventry, England by Jaguar Cars which is the only known cure for the pain of being a middle-aged man.
Man 1: Hey you look fantastic, so relaxed. Are you on Prozac?
Man 2: No man, I got my Jag.
by Mot77 June 13, 2013
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A term used by retards on their social media the day after they partied. They want everyone to know that something went wrong (they messed up / got caught/ didn't have fun). Then they do the same exact thing next weekend, and also call it a jag.
If only last night wasn't such a jag.
Chloe's party was such a jag!
by Officer Jonathon October 15, 2018
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A very annoying person that you are friends with but yet you treat them like shit.
Do you ever hang out with Jonah?

Yeah what a jag!
by Patman1999 April 15, 2014
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Is that your Jag XKR?
by EJL November 06, 2003
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someone that's extremely horny. Afrikaans word.
"ek's kak jags!"
i'm fucking horny

"daai kar is jags"
that car is awesome
by ronanthie-in November 02, 2006
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