you : tbf, you're a dick
him : wtf?! fu n00b
by Snatch June 4, 2005
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"why are telling me this?"
"tbf, im really horny."
by Woman of ur dreams January 21, 2018
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a. Stands for "to be fair", kinda used like "honestly" or "to make things fair"
b. Stands for "to be filled", used for when one wants to indicate missing data will be filled in the future
TBF I did cheat a little so you do deserve the win.

Lists I made of...
Video Games i like to play: link
Awesome recipes I found: link
My favourite songs: TBF
by Zergur Vorghiz June 11, 2020
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to be fair.

It's like tbh but means "to be fair" instead of "to be honest".
tbf, you should really understand what "tbf" means just from context.
by kwen4758 March 21, 2022
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Sorry I missed class today, prof--I was tbf
by Dr. Marvick December 14, 2010
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Turkish Beast Fucker,

Used to define hairy people of middle-eastern origin, or anyone who has slept with a hairy perosn of middle-easten origin.
Person1: hey i heard sammie hooked up with Burak
Person2: ha, what a tbf
by Felay May 8, 2006
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tbf is a boyfriend you see when you can, have the commitment, but have your own life...could be temp to perm.
by finglebythec August 27, 2010
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