a state of intoxication; to be buzzed or drunk
He was already all jag when he showed up at the party.
by J-style June 02, 2005
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1.- an irreplaceable word to describe mind-fucking-blowing radical awesomeness.

2.- a human property that measures and emanates awesomeness
Guy 1: Bitch, them kickers you has are Jag!
Guy 2: No man, you is Jag!

Jason: Happy birthday dude!
Karl: Man I saw Kevin's mom's pink taco
Jason: Oh man, that's fucking Jag!

Guy 1: Cindy is going to be a tough one
Guy 2: Bro, she won't be able to handle all my sweet-loving Jag!
Guy 1: Man I also saw Kevin's mom's pink taco
Guy 2: JAG!
by goodolewombat April 22, 2013
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somebody younger than you that you can go to for advice, trust, or just company. Age doesn't define wisdom. Age is only a restriction if you let it be and a jag is someone who is willing to always help people.
I wasn't having a good day so I went to my friend Ethan; he's such a jag.
by Vedo December 08, 2013
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1. To screw up
2. A situation that has been screwed up
1. Oh man, I jagged so hard on that test!
2. Our attempt to organize a frisbee game was such a jag...nobody came.
by arianasp1989 July 22, 2006
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