Elliott is a shy guy who usually keeps his problems to him self. Weather friends or more he takes care of girls well and is a gentleman rather that a player. Elliott will be set on one in particular girl for long periods of time as he knows when he genuinely likes someone. Elliott can be delicate when it comes to girls and is easily lead on. However Elliott makes a good boyfriend as he Is dedacated to making an effort weather it be on dates, spectal occations or birthdays and he is loyal to his girlfirend and would allways treat her with respect. When hes In a relationship he treats his girlfriend like a princess and would never do anything to make her upset. He always puts his girlfriend before himself and Just wants to make her happy and will do anything to do so.
by GALXY November 20, 2012
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Elliott is a sincere, kind, wall-mannered person who likes to make other people laugh. His friendliness shows with his sense of humor. He is also a glass half-full type of guy. His pawsitive attitude wins him many friends and he is a great listener. He typically has brown hair and is a ladies man. He never has trouble with the ladies. He has a nice smile and very white teeth, making his smile even more appealing. Elliott's in general make people around him happy and comfortable. Anyone that has an Elliott in there life should be very thankful.
oh look it's an elliott, he is so unreal.
by 12345555098890 June 21, 2012
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The kid with the biggest dick in the room. A real toro.
"Did you see that Private Joe Snuffy?, he's a real Elliott! "

"Nah man, he's no Elliott, he's just a Chisholm trying to impress some freshman."
by Private Joe Snuffy September 05, 2016
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1. An English male name that means "The Lord is my God"; derived from the name Elijah.

2. A guy who loves sarcasm more than he loves himself. He hates losing, especially when it comes to losing games. Some people would describe him as fruity and somewhat feminine, but you know he's not homosexual or metrosexual. He has quite an immature mind but he can still be highly intellectual.

2. A guy who is usually only social when he needs to be.

3. A guy who may act like a jerk on the outside, but is probably very sensitive on the inside; A guy who hides the fact that he has generally good intentions.

4. A newly created term to call a jerk, asshole, etc.
1. His middle name is Elliott because he's named after his grandfather Elijah.

2. Elliott: EWW GIRLS HAVE COOTIES!! But the new economic plan...

3. -in school-
Friend: Hey Elliott, wanna come watch a movie on Friday?
Elliott: No...who goes to the movies when you can be alone at home...?

4. Girl 1: So tell me what happened last night with you and Dave.
Girl 2: Oh my gosh, don't even mention it. Dave is SUCH an Elliott.
by ApplePieFTW January 17, 2009
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A man that is found to be very articulate, intelligent, worldly, well-traveled, handsome, creative and considered at the top of his game in regards to marriage material and if married, considered to be a king among men.
She just found herself an elliott. He is definately an elliott in every way.
by Kristen Paskus July 27, 2006
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- most guys whose name is elliott have great personalities.

- used as a first or middle name.

- also spelled elliot, eliot, or eliott
anna: "My boyfriend's middle name is elliott."

rachel: "Lucky ! He must be a really great guy."
by anna610 January 23, 2007
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