They can give you 25 to life, or they can give you the needle.
by February 22, 2017
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to give someone "the needle", insulting and teasing someone which results in the person becoming irate and/or defensive, thus the person would have "the needle"

can be used with certain words to emphasise the effect of "the needle"
eg: triple needle
quad neelde
right needle
"dont get the needle with me pal"
"you've got the riiiiggght needle"
"ooh noo, charlie's got the neeedddle!"
by Donnie onetime April 24, 2004
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1. Being strung out/high on heroine.
2. Having a tattoo.
That junkie's always needled.

That guy's needled with a sick tattoo.
by Jaynik November 9, 2007
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Aggression between two people or teams, particularly in sport.
There's always needle when Manchester United play Leeds.
by ScouseJim January 31, 2006
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A really small penis. Usually really wrinkled.
Sam was showing off his needle in the showers, what a prick.
by Tspoon December 2, 2005
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To tease someone to try to get a reaction or annoy the person.
A popular poker term to get someone to tilt
The whole table needle(d) Phil until he finally cracked and went on tilt.
by Andre Gonzales (PH) December 9, 2015
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