A girl that is naturally beautiful and is very athletic. Jade will always be there for you and is always willing to help. She is very attractive and most guys would be lucky to have her, so if you make friends with a Jade keep her.
Jade- kind, caring, loyal and trustworthy
by Unknown¿? December 16, 2019
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May as well be the daughter of Chuck Norris.
She always wins in a fight, and could practically throw you 30 meters if she tried.

No one wants to get on her bad side, those crystal blue eyes aren't always so appealing when they're mad at you.

She is very short tempered but loyal if you do the right thing by her.
Jodie; I heard Beth wants to fight Jade
Lexi; IS SHE CRAZY! I heard last week Jade threw James off the third story balcony! She'll get herself killed!

Jodie; Shh, here comes mini Norris now!
by AlexMicky December 31, 2012
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A truly beautiful person ..someone who stops and makes you think about every decision you've ever made. Jade will give you a reason to think ur whole existence and make you stop and realise that your life has only just begun now she is a part of it.. Kind and caring jade will do anything to please others and try to put a smile on your face no matter how down you feel.. She's beautiful inside and out and has an understated beauty that few should be so lucky to know ..keep her in your life and never let her go because shes a reason to wake up in a morning..a reason to do better and a reason to truly feel what it's like to have your heart stolen.. Oh and she likes to inflict pain..one sick little trait haha
See Jade she is the most beautiful person ever

Stop burning my hand jade

Would you like extra kidney beans in your chilli Jade
by Johnrhino October 03, 2016
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The coolest, cutest, nicest girl ever. With the best personality, also very quick witted and very smart. Everyone should get to meet her at least once. Every guy is lucky to have her. Her name's even very hot!!!!!!!!!!
Guy 1: Man, that girl is soooo hot!
Guy 2: Of course she is, she's Jade!
Guy 1: How do you know her name is Jade?
Guy 2: ...
by CupcakeCutie1462 March 14, 2015
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A green semi precious gemstone, used alot in china.

Also a common girls name.
A girl who is head strong, makes mistakes but learns from them, is also a very hyperactive person, talks alot. Is faithful and a good friend to all.
"I would like a Jade gemstone"

"That Jade, She's something else"
by just some emo girl February 03, 2010
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Jade is kind of a crazy person. She is super innocent but you wouldn't expect it. A great gymnist, she can often be found doing backflips when she's had a few drinks. She's easy to get along with and I absolutely love her. She is my soulmate and Jades and Joes are meant to be 2gethr. Their the best, nicest, prettiest people you will ever meet. Anyone's life will be brighter with a Jade all up in there.
-Carson: "omg Joe! Did you see that girl doing backflips??"

-Joe: "yeah man. She's a total Jade."
by Jpw February 16, 2014
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Now ik some of these ppl know wut a Jade is but I know well bc I am one and wut we r from my expectations is that we r someone that will put there problems before our own will put our thoughts last and others first we can be a bitch if we want to but we're also sweet and will do anything for our friends will put wut there going through before wut we r and get though it together. We can give someone the realest smile and it can be the most fake one. We can be so depressed but act like nothing is wrong with us. We can be going though hell but act like were in heaven we also r hard to get close to bc we keep a big wall around our heart so that way we don't get any more then we r. We act like we have the best life ever but we could have the worse one under neath all of our laughter and smiling so if u think uk a real Jade just ask her if she's OK and if u look into her eyes u can tell she's lying don't look at her smile or they way she talking bc that's just us pretending so that way we can help u and deal with everything with out in it bc we know u have more important things then to deal with our problems we just get though it all ourselves and we're just glad to see our friends happy and not upset and that's all we want will deal with our problems ourselves but look into our eyes and see that were not OK
Person: hey Jade u ok
Jade:*smiles* yea I'm fine u need me to help u with something
Person:*looks at her smile* no just wanted to make sure u were OK

Person:*waves bye*
Jade:*thinking of her problems*
by _.nobody_important._ February 02, 2018
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