Jade is a common Girls name. Usually it is refering to a gem stone or a plant also.
Can anyone tell me the definition for a guy named Jade? i ask this because it is almost unheard of, but I am a 15 year old Male and my name is Jade.
by Jade Polus-Criscione May 03, 2013
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The best guitarist in the world
The new word for God
"Jade is so Jade damn hot"
by Amy April 07, 2004
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Verb. From the adjective, jaded to become emotionally indifferent, worn. To jade another person; to cause them to become indifferent and cynical, generally rhe result of failed romantic relationships.
One woman to another, (discussing a young and innocent guy) "Look how young and innocent he is, no emotional baggage yet". "I'm going to jade him".
by Jenn Phil January 26, 2010
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A girl who is easily flustered and confused and doesn't think before speaking and that causes her to say very strange things. Besides the lack of thought that goes on in her tiny little brain, she is stunningly beautiful with always tan skin and long luscious brown hair. hold this girl tight and never let her go she will always cheer you up.
"hey Ashley, you're in Bio right? ..... what's a loan shark?" -jade
"When i have a baby, I'm going to feed them with a spork. so they can eat pudding and noodles at the same time!" -jade
"If dolphins had hands they would rule the world, like seriouslyyyy" -jade

girl: omg she is such a jade
boy: i know, listen to what she said
girl: yes, but her beauty is so amazing it doesn't matter what she says.
boy: so true, i would marry her
by Kira liser January 01, 2013
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A beautiful, down to earth, happy, bouncy girl who is fun to be around. usually has blondish hair and blue eyes. She enjoys art and animals. Friends and Family mean the world to her. She is very trust worthy and one of the best friends you could ever have. All guys should get to know her. Because, after you do, she's wonderful.
My best friend is a Jade!
by livinlikelarry June 21, 2012
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"Pounamu" or greenstone as it known as in english.
NZ Nephrite (jade) is a stone for which NZ has become famous.
Also known as Pounamu or greenstone
by Jade May 23, 2004
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