Jade: Usually dark haired and dark eyed. A Jade is a person who is daring, fun loving and extremely active. Though she may come off as snobby, she is truly just shy with people. Knowing a Jade is a blessing in your life because once you get her out of her shell, she is a sweet, loving and caring person. Never doubt a Jade's trust because no matter what, she always has your back. Jade is the type of person who is impossible not to envy. With her perfection and sweet ways, she is the best friend you could have! :)
That girl is so nice! She must be a Jade!
by shantaymc July 06, 2010
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A Jade is a person that simply cares for others and is loyal to who she loves. She's hilarious and can never fail to make you laugh. She can be outgoing, yet quiet and shy at some times. She doesn't try to seek for attention or make people favor her. She's a great friend, and she's honest with those who are honest to her. When she walks into the room, her smile is as bright as ever. She can be self conscious sometimes, but she doesn't put herself down. She's confident and strong. If you find a Jade, value her, and care for her, as a friend or maybe more.
"You are just so great, Jade"
"You are so nice, you're just like Jade."
by Jådėė December 06, 2016
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Jade is a common Girls name. Usually it is refering to a gem stone or a plant also.
Can anyone tell me the definition for a guy named Jade? i ask this because it is almost unheard of, but I am a 15 year old Male and my name is Jade.
by Jade Polus-Criscione May 03, 2013
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An intelligent, beautiful lady who knows what she wants. She's funny and charming and has a smile that lights up the room, And the cutest sneeze I have ever heard in my life. She enjoys playing anything musical, wind or string, she can be easily manipulated by words and needs help from friends to uplift her and tell her every things going to be alright. She is a kind person and I wish she didn't leave town since I was going to tell her how I feel, Jade if your reading this, just know, I miss you.
Man that Jade sure can play the trumpet
Naw man have you seen her play violin?!
by Urban development February 14, 2017
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Jade is a very beautiful girl, you just want her so bad.. Shes Unreal.
gosh Jade is just so dam Jade Pretty
by _Lennnnny__ April 27, 2009
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Jade is a generally green semi precious gemstone and as well as being a colour (Hex: 558A84 RGB: 85,138,132.) It is also the best name for a female (of any species) The name Jade is best suited to someone with dark hair and tends to conjure up an oriental feel (mmm... sounds hot)
The love of my life,
My reason for existence;
All my dreams come true,
I offer no resistance.

Bad poetry will I write,
far past the end of time;
my drink of choice is vodka,
with soda, lemon and lime.

Life is hard, I must admit my despair
I am in love, all should be so sweet
What is so right cannot be wrong
I love you

Note: it is the authors opinion that poetry does not have to rhyme. This point is especially valid when the poetry in question is of such a poor standard as is the case above.

However; this is of no importance as
I love Jade and I will continue to regardless of everything

Jade is Sweetness
Tracey is a Bogan
I am and have always been The lowest priority
by Luke Warm December 23, 2008
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