A sponge that has a face and is somehow is friends with a squirrel underwater and an starfish that lives under a rock. And has influenced the millenials and gen z. Which is scary because if u say I hate SpongeBob you will be shunned from everyone.
Bob: hey did you watch the latest episode of SpongeBob

Jeff: Heck yah dude!
by You know what I mean December 22, 2020
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SpongeBob is the best motherfucker there is
If you hate SpongeBob you’re a disgrace to the human race
by Dumbassssssssssssssss October 30, 2019
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The SpongeBob
The 'SpongeBob' look, taken from the the character name and American animated T.V series/ Media Franchise,'SpongeBob SquarePants'.It is used best to describe someone who has a square shaped upper body with no waist, but very skinny legs. Hot on the heals of the Muffin Top due to the low rise jeans explosion. This is a look that should be avoided at all costs!
"you have such fantastic legs..but that outfit makes you look a bit SpongeBob.."
"Those metallic leggings are fierce!!..but the jumper on top makes you look too SpongeBob!"
The SpongeBob is NEVER a good look ladies (or gents).
by Miss Marvel November 16, 2006
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