Jade is this beautiful girl who every guy is in love with... She's sweet, loving, funny, and not only those she is a singer and she's athletic. Most girls wish they could be her and most guys wish they could date her. Girls get super jealous of her because she has the cutest clothes and style, and she attracts all the cute guys.
"Damn she is fine" - guy
"I wish I could be like Jade" -girl
by JayJ31219 December 27, 2014
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A girl, fragile and hurt. A girl who has been broken and broken again by lads. A girl who is not skinny.. but not fat, who sometimes builds up confidence in herself which then gets torn down buy a horrible dickhead. Who trys for love. The only thing she ever wanted.. the only thing she will ever want. Who says time and time again that she has given up.. but she never has.. she never will. Who is on the verge of turning into a massive slag and a cunt to any lad that comes near her because she has been broken and betrayed by lads so much. If you see a Jade, make her smile, but don't be a faggot about it and call her something like 'as beautiful as the sun', she will hate that and know it is not true.

However a Jade would cover this all up. Jade is very trustworthy and cares the most about her friends- even more than she cares for family! She will break any bitch down who would upset her friends without fail. She trusts too easily, she falls in love too easily. She is too nice.. but she won't always be.
Lost of love.
Craver of affection.
Worhipper of friends.

Just Jade.
by Roxaline. June 30, 2013
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If you know a Jade you are one of the LUCKIEST people in the world!!! If they are an actual Jade they will have dark hair and dark eyes. People will often underestimate them as they are very modest!!! They are AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and other girls-and guys- are often very jealous because of her beauty, fitness and intelligence!
OMFG, she's so smart, beautiful, sporty, modest and kind...........she must be a Jade!
by The Gymnast.com June 08, 2015
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You probably found this Jade while searching for your Jade, but you are wrong. This one is different. She is hotter. Taller. Sassier. And... lawyer-er?

Don't massage her too much; her skin is sensitive. But don't let her innocent looks fool you. She's hot and she knows it. Promoters will invite her to clubs to make it look like there are more hot girls there, and she'll drink whatever you buy her, and when you ask for her insta, she'll just bail and go see some other dude at a hookah lounge.

Protip: She doesn't like hookah though, so heads up guys don't take her to that on a first date!

Best ways to get her affection: write urbandictionary definition for her (too late bitches, I'm already doing it now), and help her find a cheap convenient gym (also too late, bitches!)

Also... she has nice legs. They make good seatbelts. But always follow local laws and/or customs regarding seatbelt use!
Hinge: "You matched with Jade!"

Jade: "Hahaha you're cute. For good eyebrow threading services, go find a Persian lady in Aliso Viejo"

Me: *swoon*

TV Commercial: "Jaded of normal boring girls? Call Jade now! Satisfaction guaranteed!"
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by Parsa J. December 10, 2019
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The sexiest girl to walk the planet. all the boys drule over her and chase after her. She is a great friend who you can trust for forever. She can be a bitch when she wants to, but if your on her good side, she has a great personality. When she smiles, it seems like the world has stopped turning. Her eyes will make you get lost over and over. You can see her in your dreams. Often a stripper because of her amazing looks. most of the time Jade will have the boys chase after her and flirt with her. But of course she flirts back. She is fun, kind, and tone of the best people you will meet. Typically she is brunette or blond with an adorable face. Often has many relationships with people she may not like but gives them a chance. Watch out boys, you're in for a very lucky treat if you meet her. She is sometimes sexual but she is very nice. Sometimes a slut or player and can move on quickly, but if she likes you, you're
by djxjcjcxycu November 11, 2013
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Jade is this awesome amazing girl, whos a awesome friend, as she is always there for her friends, she sticks up for what she believes is right, all the time, shes loyal to who is loyal to her, but will not be walked all over, she trusts until she has a reason not too and beliebes in second chances. Shes a big dreamer and determind to make her dreams reality, shes not afraid to say how she feels, shes very caring, very mad, and just an all-round nice person and friend.
my bestest friend is soo jade.
by newyorkgirl1995 August 04, 2009
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Jade is a chinese green gemstone. Jade is a kind, caring, lovable person. She's very loud and energetic! When she has a crush, she stays with that crush. She has very true feelings and high expectations of her crush. She cares for everyone and everything. She dreams of becoming an actress. Her dreams will come true.
OMG! Jade is so rad!
by Queen Rosa Violeta November 10, 2013
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