Female; She's the shit. Obviously, and it's impossible to forget her. Why? Because nobody forgets the most awesome people they will ever meet. She kicks complete ass. She is just a kick ass person.
Kim: Do you remember Jade?
Brizzle: How could you not remember her?
by alphawolfexc1993 April 23, 2013
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Jade is the best girl ever, she's a great athlete, good singer, in all very talented. She may come of a little rude at sometimes but she is a friend you never want to loose. She is loyal and always has your back. She is very random and is the class clown. she laughs at everythinngggShe is sweet and like able, very popular and beautiful. A lot of guys like her. She is very smart and knows her stuff. Just remember you don't want to get in trouble with her. She has 3 true friends. She always has a way to get her own ways. The boy that she likes always likes her. All in all, jade is perfect. <3 no joke
Person 1:Hey it's jade!
Person 2: OMGGGG!!!! Should I talk to her??
sweet cute funny
by Dnshsbshsjsns May 04, 2013
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Jade is a wonderful girl. She is beautiful and understanding, though a bit self judgemental at times. She cares about her friends more than anything, and feels like they could disappear at any moment. She’s had a hard life, so she’s gotten used to people not being a permanent fixture in that life, but will try to keep them there for as long as possible. She has kind, but tough eyes that show she will protect her friends no matter what it takes. Many guys like her, but it takes a while for her to trust people completely. All in all, she is the best friend you could have. Try as hard as you can not to lose her, because it’s guaranteed she’s doing her best not to lose you.
β€œOh my god, did you see Jade yesterday? She was so beautiful!”
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Jade is a sweet and generous with a great personality. She doesn't have an attitude and is very smart. Pretty doesn't even come close to how stunning she is. Jade is very sexy and can get with anyone she wants to. Everyone loves Jade as she is the best girl you will ever meet!
She must be a Jade! XD
by Gamer_Girl_Helen April 04, 2014
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Jade is the best person you will ever meet, she is kind and caring,she also has a great sense of humor,she is loyal to anyone who is loyal to her,you will never meet anyone like her, she is the greatest friend anyone could ever have,you will be sorry if you lose her.
"She is just like jade"
by Kylie! April 04, 2015
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An intelligent, beautiful lady who knows what she wants. She's funny and charming and has a smile that lights up the room. She enjoys playing sports in her free time and hanging out with her friends and family. She has a strong personality and although seems like she may be shy, underneathe it all she's outgoing and dignified. Fool her once, shame on her.. But fool her twice, and we'll see what happens
I wish I could be like Jade. Jade is amazing. Jade is beautiful.
by Miss young August 22, 2012
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