Isu is the best person. She is cool and loves her friends, she thinks that friends tv show is the best
by ministryofnames December 3, 2020
Challenges in one's life far greater than your standard issues.
They're getting a divorce due to isues.

She's psycho - she has isues.
by sabrina November 22, 2003
Man did u start your ISU, it's worth 15% of your mark and it's due tomorrow!
by darkxsoldier January 8, 2009
ISU's ________ team sucks this year like they do every year.
by addicted March 2, 2005
Illinois State University in Bloomington-Normal Illinois.
ISU are the Redbirds.
by Redbirds rock September 28, 2004
Also known as Illinois State University and also commonly known as "I Screwed Up" because upon the rejection letter to University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign(UIUC), the individual realizes that he/she did in fact screw up in high school and also screwed up the rest of their entire lives because they will now be obliged to attend a far less impressive, selective, and inferior University and will spend the next 4-7 years trying to graduate in order to obtain an average degree.
Kid: "Mom, I got rejected from UIUC..."

Mom: "So what's that mean?"

Kid: "Looks like I'm gonna havta go to ISU"

Mom: "You really screwed up, didn't you?"

Kid: "I sure did..."
by UofIbiiiitches March 29, 2011