greater than greater
my cookie is greaterer than yours
by \lonecarrot29 October 23, 2018
Term for the Depression in the beginning of the 21st century, as opposed to "The Great Depression" of the 1930's.
The Great Depression: A chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage.

The Greater Depression: A digital converter box for every TV, and a golden parachute for every failed bank executive.
by TubaJim February 17, 2009
The Greater Good is greater than good. It is also shortened to TGG sometimes too. There is really no explanation to how great The Greater Good really is. Also you should really support the channel of The Greater Good.
That was for The Greater Good

Yes!!!! TGG
by Hutter May 2, 2022
Something Frozone spoke to his wife about protecting
We are talking about the greater boi!
by Greater BOI October 2, 2017
Actively participating with accountability in the positive growth of social, economic and political change.
It is a shame that the theme of success is not measured by the greater good of development.
by what you want October 19, 2007
1. An idea where an item on the Internet has reached a large viewing audience over a wide range.

2. If something on the Internet has been seen by many people from different locations it has reached The Greater Internet.

Viral videos, memes, and Tosh.0 fall under The Greater Internet.
Steve. "Have you seen Mike's wipeout on Tosh.0?"

Larry. "Yeah man, he's reached The Greater Internet!"
by ryanothedyno August 6, 2011