A person who looks way sexier with their face mask on.

From Hudson Valley production crew set slang 2021
Hey that guy/girl was super mask hot, but when they got outside and took it off -- totally different story. TBH I'm kinda surprised how many mascots you see every day and don't even realize.
by TL7 February 7, 2022
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A word termed by TheFace and Mophead playing in BOSSBrigade's 24/7 Cs_Assault server.

A mascot is a teammate who is utterly useless, and is just around as fodder or moral support.
Man, don't worry you can find an m4 from one of the mascots running around, just wait 2 mintues.

Lemi's being a mascot and camping on the roof.
by |BOSS|TheFace January 21, 2007
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Someone who dickrides a person, place, or thing for no apparent reason.
Girls who defend Chris Brown after he beat up Rihanna are some Chris Breezy mascots. Someone who's wearing a California sweatshirt even though they grew up in New York, thats A Cali mascot. Someone who thinks Lil Wayne is the best rapper of all time,You's a damn MASCOT and you need to check out some old school hip hop, you f'n simpleton!!!!
by TheBx41 September 17, 2012
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In Japanese culture, a funny or adorable cartoon character. May be a business logo, or used on collectible items, school and office supplies, and occasionally appliances and furnishings.

Mascots also appear in Japanese anime cartoons, where they provide comic relief and sometimes contribute to the plot.
The Japanese mascot who is best known to Americans is Hello Kitty.

Holly Hobbie was a popular American mascot in the 1970s.

The anime "Revolutionary Girl Utena" has two mascots, Chuchu the mouse and his friend the garden frog.
by Jay Young May 10, 2005
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v. Mascot ing: 1. the act of performing portraying or being a mascot. 2. The Carrier or occupation of playing frequent or multiple mascots
I was mascotting today when a fly ball hit me in the head and knocked me off the dugout.

How does one go about pursuing a career in mascotting? (appeared on a Red Robin table top promotion in the summer of 2007)
by Adam Bonner May 1, 2008
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A girl who rewards sports players with sexual favors for a game well played.
Our mascot Julie will take good care of us for our win on Friday; jake will get a special favor for being the top scorer.
by jacquedaniels September 1, 2008
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Mike: he John i see that your the new school mascot!
John: yeah, im a professional furry.
by UwU Tater September 20, 2019
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