17 definitions by Isi Oamen

C-Rod's way of saying "hello" to a person of African-American descent.
(Phone rings, Isi picks up)
Isi: Hello?
C-Rod: What up thug?
by Isi Oamen January 4, 2005
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I was getting really frustrated with my homework so I said "fuck that shit."
by Isi Oamen June 16, 2004
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What attributes your computer must have to be able to run or install a program, eg. hard drive space, RAM, processor speed, etc.
The system requirements for this game is 128MB RAM, 400MHz processor, and 1GB of free hard drive space.
by Isi Oamen February 8, 2004
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To consume a bad-tasting alcoholic beverage without a better tasting drink immediately after. The chaser is the better tasting drink.
He drank the tequila straight, no chaser.
by Isi Oamen February 8, 2004
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