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To joke or kid around.
Don't take his comment seriously, he was just joshing
by Sabrina December 12, 2002
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The Sex is another way for saying hot, awesome, incredibly cool, and, well, sexy.
"Hey, that guys hair is the sex..."
"Gerard Way is the sex..."
by Sabrina May 05, 2005
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The funniest gaming-based comic on the web. (Warning - deliciously unsafe for work!)
The guys over at Penny Arcade can really make with that funny!
by Sabrina July 31, 2003
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The coolest twin sister there is...she kicks ass...literally. And she's all mine!
"Everyone should have a twin like Sirena!"
by Sabrina January 16, 2005
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An artist/producer that is known for his gammar, or lack there of. He is widely known for creating beats and tracks using only the words "WHAT, OKAY AND YEAH!" He rolls with his posse THE EAST SIDE BOYZ and all they do is sip Crunk Juice from a gasoline holder and add the word "SHAWDAY" shorty to the hook. Lil John sports long, nappy dreadlocks, gold teeth, and carries a pimp chalis/cup everywhere he goes. Some people hate on John, but I say "Dont hate, CONGRATULATE!" CUT THE CHECK!!!!!!! HAAAAAHNH!
If you purchase the Chappelle Show DVD collection or watch Comedy Central, you can see an exellent skit about Lil John
by Sabrina January 08, 2005
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constin talking. excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness
You know when the tearchers have logrrhea when they start giving daily lectures!!
by sabrina October 08, 2003
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To correct the people above me, there's no such thing as a true brown race! Anybody from any race can have brown skin. People from South Asia however (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) are commonly referred to as brown people, and do consider themselves the real brown race.
For all y'all out there, brown is not a race, so stop identifying it as one, its a skin color!
by Sabrina February 28, 2005
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