Something that many people are, including the ungrateful idiots that will treat you like garbage and other stuff like that if you don't have the same opinions and beliefs as they do, usually political, but not always.
Brooks: Ugh, Allen and Madison are so Insufferable.
Pamela: Yes, they really are, pretty much no one, if anyone at school likes them, yet it will not stop them from pulling off the BS that they do as they don't care what the other students as well as the teachers and other staff members think about them.
by PhoenixGamer34 June 05, 2021
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Refering to a state of being where something has become so unbearable or irrelevent that it.
His incessant rantings about social justice would not stop contradicting themselves and his presence had reached the point of insufferability for the rationally minded bystanders.
by thewordmonger February 02, 2019
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An 'insufferable oaf' is a term used to describe someone when they are deliberately being quite obnoxious. Most famously used by James May on Top Gear when they were all participating in a race along the arctic to the North Pole, and himself and Jeremy were paired together. James sat on the toilet seat on the rear exterior of the Toyota Hilux when Jeremy slowly pulled away, resulting in an angry outburst from James.
'CLARKSON!' yelled James. 'I know it's you you Insufferable Oaf, I'm on the bloody throne!' he shouted, frustratedly.
by dalespelman2 September 19, 2019
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A prick(asshole,jerk,bitch,asshat) who you absolutely CANNOT stand.
Derek is an insufferable prick
She is an insufferable prick. I can't even be in the same room as her.
by That damn unoriginal Dino April 26, 2016
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A woman who is extremely difficult to tolerate for any reasonable length of time. This normally due to a personality defect, or a disorder of the mind. Often these unfortunates are medicated with psychotropic drugs.
1. That woman became an insufferable bitch when she didn't take her medication.

2. One wonders what happened to her that made her such an insufferable bitch.
by Rook's Buddy May 11, 2010
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A term used to describe a circle of friends that somehow get on your nerves. Used by stuck-up people who range from teacher's pets to just people that are way to smart.
by Attila97 February 18, 2011
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