158 definitions by PhoenixGamer34

Satan's favorite year despite the fact that it does not have the number 666 in it.
by PhoenixGamer34 July 31, 2021
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Despite what some overly sensitive losers think, especially those that complain about how someone "hurt their feelings", feelings will never matter more than facts.
by PhoenixGamer34 May 22, 2021
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Even now, many people are confused why you bake cookies but you cook bacon.
by PhoenixGamer34 October 1, 2022
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Something that exists and is a problem, but it will not cause the world to end, even though some people are stupid enough to say such garbage.
While Climate Change significantly alters temperatures, it's not even just a weather issue, it's also a health issue.
by PhoenixGamer34 November 2, 2022
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Biden is an absolute moron that sniffs stuff and forgets things.
by PhoenixGamer34 March 18, 2023
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A meme that people were doing on New Year's Eve 2020 instead of making it January 1, 2021.
Of course 2021 was still a very bad year, despite the fact that some said that it was gonna be a good year, just because of how terrible 2020 was. However, it would not be good if December 32, 2020 was a thing, because literally no one needed another day of 2020, or at least no one in their right mind, anyway.
by PhoenixGamer34 May 9, 2023
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A Miserable Failure that is a much bigger failure than your typical Miserable Failure.
That absolute dumbass cannot and will never do anything right, he's a Stuttering Clusterfuck of a Miserable Failure.
by PhoenixGamer34 December 28, 2021
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