A girl with a really big bright side. Once your friends with her she will always be there for you and always give those nice words people need when they are feeling down. Lets not forget she is really amazing, beautiful, pretty, no words can explain her beauty. Everyone meets a pamela and enjoys time with one. She hella cute too. Her looks are never before seen when you meet one. Pamela's are rare. Enjoy time with one and never lose one

-for cutie
Who is that
Its pamela
by Yaboi Nas May 07, 2016
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The most awesome thing in the planet. A Pamela is always smiling, for whatever reason, her laugh is enchanting. This girl is cool and trustworthy. Lets not forget a Pamela is very sexy. Nothing exceeds past a Pamela. With a Pamela you'll never get bored. Love a Pamela, and you will never Love anyone else. ;)
"Damn, I need a hot girlfriend"
"Get yourself, a Pamela"
by Nick901 May 09, 2010
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The most beautiful girl in the entire world. She has the most beautiful smile ever. It's bright and sparkling and it brightens everyone's day. She is just perfect. All of the girls envy her. She is a little insecure, but she shouldn't be because she has no imperfections. There is also always one person who is always their for her and that's her bestfriend. He will always be by her side and he promises that. She loves him a lot and he does too. Pamela is just so cute.
Pamela is a girl who is just simply perfect.
by Hi. Oh. Idk. K June 03, 2012
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The most amazing girl in the universe by far. She is so very sweet, caring about others, extremely intelligent, loving and sexy. She is super funny and both great to talk and listen too. she is also into music and loves to sing and dance. Especially after a few cocktails :) her voice is so sweet and soothing. her laugh I don’t even know how to explain what it does to me. and seeing her or just thinking about seeing her will actually take my breath away, she is that beautiful. Really she is beyond the word gorgeous. both inside and out.Pamela is a fantastic lover. kisses that make my knees weak. eyes that I get lost in. soft pillow talk that is an incredible turn on. being in her arms and having her in mine is indescribable. it is the sweetest, place in the world to be. if you ever have a chance to have a Pamela like this dont be a fool and let her go because you will regret it for the rest of your life. your life will never be complete and you will have to settle for something alot less meaningful. She is someone you will love so much that it hurts, and you should do anythng and everything to show her everyday how much she means to you so dont be a fool and let her go.the best thing in the world would be if the last thing that I could do everynight before I drift off to sleep and the first thing I do everyday when I awake to a new day is kiss her and tell her how very much I love her and how lucky I am that she is in my life.
She is so amazing, she must be a Pamela.

Her advise is spot on, must be a Pamela.

Turns me on with out even trying, must be a Pamela.
by friendfromde April 02, 2013
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Perfection, beauty, style, class, amazing,loving,caring, funny
The woman who helped the ill cat did such a Pamela act

The sunset on the ocean is so Pamela
by just hers March 24, 2010
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The pimpest of the pimp. Everyone wants to be a Pamela. Can conquer anything. Wakes up and pisses excellence. Indulges and rules in all gangstativities.< look up >
Your never meet anything above a Pamela, because it doesn't exists.
Man: Pamela you are so amazing.
Pamela: I know, i don't know why, it just keeps happening.
by Pamela H. December 15, 2008
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Pamela is the most caring, kind,fun to be around she is a great listen when ur down and sad get ready for her to cheer u up u can't even put words into how beautiful, hot, sexy she is. She is the best thing u can ever so never loose her when u loose her u will regret it she is the best person their is out their she is a great GF, wife and best friend she will always be their to support u and she gets freaky at time and she will defend her and everyone else she cares about once she trust she will spill her heart out to u and she will just love u forever shes just the best thing that ever happened to me LOVE U PAMELA
Guy: hey girl u hot
Pamela: I know 😉
by Sh22ty May 06, 2018
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