The most amazing person ever. Everyone loves him and I mean EVERYONE. He is gorgeous and so so smart and talented. He has an amazing taste in music. He cares so much about everyone. He helps everyone with their problems but never talks about his. He goes out of his way to help you. His smile is everything. Everyone wants to be with him but his heart belongs to someone else and everyone is jealous of her. He's so loving and protective. He's almost perfect
Girl 1: Brooks is so amazing
Girl 2: Yeah but he likes that one girl
by Not ur babe July 3, 2015
Person with great personality, very funny, great hair, strong, tall, very talented, and great in bed
That's guy was such a Brooks last night at the bar he was so charming!
by Jessica725 July 4, 2017
Someone who is particularly awesome and has good sex
Oh man, Brooks was so good in bed last night!
by Boon26 March 9, 2010
A one of a kind Olympic athlete.
Brooks leads team U.S.A to the World Cup.
by Kory21 May 24, 2011
Best male ever hes strong and jacked and has FREE WEED you should slam him
Brooks:want free weed
by 9u8y7tghbj April 1, 2019
To not have your call answered or see messages with blue ticks and no response
OMG. Did she Brooks me ? I've only messaged her 235 times without a reply
by BwanaChris March 21, 2018