A city in Alaska, about 15 miles outside of Fairbanks. Almost the entire town is Christmas themed, to the extent that the light poles are candy canes, street names such as Santa Claus Lane and Saint Nicholas Drive, and the local Wendy's having Christmas decorations up all year. The population of North Pole is 2,226 as of July 2009, but many people outside of the city limits consider themselves residents. Nobody lives in igloos.
I do not live in North pole itself but consider myself a resident.
by North Pole Pyro April 17, 2011
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Since there's barely anything to do up at the North Pole, whenever jolly ole' St. Nick gets bored, he'll just take one of his merry little elves, and throw him to the polar bears.
by Rastablowtorch October 17, 2005
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North Oakland - California (notable spots - Bushrod park)
North Pole bitch!

Pole bound nigga!
by that dozen May 1, 2005
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The location of a massive amount of cocaine and sex paid for by stolen money. Bernie Madoff financed a cocaine-fueled work environment and a "culture of sexual deviance.

Starting in '70s, Madoff sent employees to buy drugs for company use, suit alleges Madoff used money stolen from investors to pay for escorts and masseuses.
Bernie: Hey Larry here is $50,000 that I stole from a new investor.

Larry: What should i do with this?
Bernie: Order a kilo of that NY delivery service Cocaine and get a few escorts so we can make this the NORTH POLE.
by madd larry October 22, 2009
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Slang term for an erection; slang for boner.
Saw your sister the other day, Cody. Had to go home and visit the North Pole for a few minutes.
by Cody's Friend Travis January 31, 2005
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Referencing a lawsuit concerning Bernard Madoff and allegations of cocaine trafficking, the term 'North Pole' applies to a place where there is abundant cocaine use. This draws attention to the similarities between cocaine and snow and references the fact that the north pole is, obviously, quite a snowy place.
"Hey, man, can I score some blow?"
"Of course! You know it's the North Pole up in this bitch!"
by BizzleforShizzle October 22, 2009
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