The Toyota Hilux is the toughest and most dependable vehicle on the road; just ask Top Gear
On Top Gear; they tried to destroy a Toyota Hilux and they failed to.
by a clever ud user February 15, 2010
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Nissan driver: Can you get me unstuck

Toyota Hilux driver: Really again
by HILUX LOVER November 27, 2016
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An overrated shit box all the tradies have to pick up their girlfriend from high school.
For some reason aussies drool over this ute. It’s slow and shit and made in Thailand.

Just another average very large vehicle to compensate for small penis.
Hi my name is Jake and I drive a Toyota Hilux and am also a fucking sped with a tiny penis.
by Yeahtheboys11 June 6, 2020
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Peace of shit that usually gets towed out of the driveway due to a small puddle by a land cruiser.
I told mum I was gay so she bought me a Toyota hilux.
by Toyota Land Cruiser June 29, 2017
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