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(n.) The raised seating place of a monarch

(n.) The toilet bowl

(v.) to make the leader.
The king sat on his throne and viewed his subjects

The "king" shat from his throne and poo'd his subjects

I was throned!
by Gumba Gumba July 12, 2004
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A fans description of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones.
I'm going to spend the day marathon watching all episodes of every season of Thrones.
by Dracophile October 20, 2017
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To put it Frankly, a Vagina. Not a Chair or anything else that throne could possibly be. Its a vagina. Think with your big heads. Pshhh
She better let me sit on her throne!
by Malicious Ben April 27, 2010
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The person who faster in the year group you have to rescpet them and do whatever they say
David the new thrones

The whole year group have to show them rescpet
by T.Colredzs88c June 14, 2016
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