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Incel - ( INvoluntaryCElibate)

Member of online comunity called incels
Self delusional,egoistic pretends to be a nice guy
Blames others for his deprivation of sex or romantic relationship
Often has stereotypes for others
A person who is unable to find romantic partner or thinks is deprived of sex by other guys called CHAD

Possibly to become mass murder or a school shooter
"He is definitely an Incel,he hates all girls"
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by Snoxxx999 June 22, 2020
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A no-gettin-laid motherfucker.
That guy thinks he's an incel because he can't get laid, but really he's just a narcissistic, sexist, asshole with no redeeming personality traits.
by Vikes_fan January 11, 2019
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involuntary celibate: someone who is celibate but doesn't want to be
"He's an incel. He tries to get dates every week but gets turned down all that time."
by Tojonto March 08, 2007
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Abbreviated term for the compound 'Involuntary Celibate'. In Darwinian terms a person deemed 'least fit to reproduce', manifested in social terms as someone unable to copulate due to the absence of even a single willing partner. More typically male than female. Hangs around on internet forums generally blaming females for this undesirable condition. Unable to compete on the level playing field of sexual equality can be seen clamouring for a return to the middle ages where all that was needed to nab a woman was two cows and a quarter acre. Could be considered a 'Darwinian loser' whose gene pool is facing extinction unless they address negative personality traits and/or get into physical condition necessary for attraction to opposite sex.
Woman: He's nice enough but he identifies as one of those incels.

Friend: Stay away from him. That's akin to announcing oneself as an unreformable loser.
by YoungCarl November 17, 2017
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I'm Not Coochie Experienced Losers Society
Timmy and his friends are incels because they can never get pussy....
by Happy Bunny March 27, 2021
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An individual (most commonly male) who believes a lack of sex they experience is due to factors beyond their control such as genetics and systemic oppression, rather than their willingness, or lack thereof, to court those as ugly and inept as themselves, and see no purpose behind improving their lives, as it's perceived as a coping mechanism.
You'd have to be a real incel to think you can find mad cuties without brushing your teeth. Remember to brush your teeth, kids...
by Jimmbalaya September 11, 2018
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