The eighth film in the main Star Wars saga, that divided Star Wars fans, with those who disliked the movie being extremely vocal on the internet, especially directing hate towards Rian Johnson, the director. Many fans have campaigned for Disney to remake the movie, with some petitions passing their signature goals by thousands. One thing from the movie unites fans however. The Canto Bight scene is really poor.
Me: Idk, I kinda liked The Last Jedi.
Literally everyone: Oi. Fuck off! You’re the only one who thinks that!
by SevenGillShark August 25, 2018
What you see when you look down into the base of the toilet after a fierce session of fiery diarrhoea.
Man 1: Oh no! I didn't make it to the john in time! Now The Last Jedi is all over my kitchen floor...
by TheDefinerOfThingsUndefined January 23, 2018
(1)The feeling when “studying” for 2.5 hours for a test when after the 2.5 dreadful hours you realized that you jam packed so much useless information in your head that you learned nothing and it was a complete waste.

(2)Opening the biggest Christmas present you have only to find out that your “funny” uncle put a box of tissues inside multiple larger boxes to wipe your tears away once it’s all unwrapped over.
John: What did you do last weekend? I ate an m&m thinking it was a skittle. It was the most disappointing thing ever.
Billy: Oh man, sounds like you saw the Last Jedi.
by imdaddrmaster December 16, 2017
The Last Jedi is to take something with great momentum and enjoyment, and then completely ruin the fun in it because you think you’re an intellectual
“Hey Rian look at this cool drawing I made!”
“Wow JJ that’s really cool, allow me to wipe my musty cheeks with it!”
“Aw, why did you The Last Jedi my cool drawing Rian?”
by AJsw77 October 13, 2018
To mess up on a huge scale, but blame everyone else for the problems it causes
Jeremy: Yeah Rian shit on George's paper he was writing and punched me in the balls, but when I got mad at him he went and told the teacher that I was the one who shit on the paper and he punched me in self defense and said I was being a Man Baby.

Ivan:Sounds like he pulled a "The Last Jedi"
by MR donde July 4, 2018
A Star Wars legends book, not that shitty movie
John: I like the last Jedi
Jack: WHAT!?
John: the book you idiot not the movie