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(1)The feeling when “studying” for 2.5 hours for a test when after the 2.5 dreadful hours you realized that you jam packed so much useless information in your head that you learned nothing and it was a complete waste.

(2)Opening the biggest Christmas present you have only to find out that your “funnyuncle put a box of tissues inside multiple larger boxes to wipe your tears away once it’s all unwrapped over.
John: What did you do last weekend? I ate an m&m thinking it was a skittle. It was the most disappointing thing ever.
Billy: Oh man, sounds like you saw the Last Jedi.
by imdaddrmaster December 16, 2017
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What you see when you look down into the base of the toilet after a fierce session of fiery diarrhoea.
Man 1: Oh no! I didn't make it to the john in time! Now The Last Jedi is all over my kitchen floor...
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by TheDefinerOfThingsUndefined January 23, 2018
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