A word used in Baltimore tell that you're about to do something
Yooo, I'm rey go make something to eat
by MyaWya April 4, 2015
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King in Spanish. A name for both genders (mainly guys). A go with the flow person, sometimes procrastinate. Usually single but loyal. Think outside the box, usually about life and how people act towards others. Can be loud sometimes but quiet most of the time if there's no one bothering. A boring person with much personality.
"Who are you"
"I'm Rey, don't expect too much out of me."
by DipSource October 28, 2017
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Rey is a guy who sometimes is very confident to his friends but when they say otherwise he doesn’t get his feelings hurt. He’s a tough guy who past a storm and now everything that tries to shut him off fails and makes him stronger . Rey takes breaks from people because they have too much negativity for him . Rey doesn’t every want to be negative. He will always find something funny that will cheer him up even in the worse situation. Rey is a Person you can count on and follow . Rey is a leader and will sacrifice his life for a loved one . If you have a Rey as a boyfriend he’s a keeper
Wow he just saved my life , that’s a rey

he’s dick is huge that’s definitely a rey
by Rey David July 29, 2018
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A very wise woman, she is like a walking dictionary, thesaurus and calculator rolled into one! She keeps herself to herself so if she decides to be your friend, you must be very special. Rey’s never buy name brands and hate the outdoors!
“Hey look its rey!”
Imagine if she was our friend
by Lovelyhat123 November 4, 2020
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A pimp motherfucker. A person who has the approval of Jesus, Obama, Chuck Norris, etc. Specifically a handsome Filipino who attracts all the ladies.
He's so hot. That guy is a total rey!

You nailed that presentation! You're so rey right now.

Wow! I've never had multiple orgasms before. You're a rey.
by KoreanJesus March 21, 2012
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