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Good fucking story. Usually used when someone tells a really bad or vague story.
Me: So I went to the store yesterday.
Other guy: And?
Me: That's it.
Other guy: GFS you fgt
by xAvier October 29, 2004
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GFS is short for Gao Fu Shuai, which are Chinese for Tall, Rich, Handsome respectively. The word is coined by a PRC scholar studying in Victoria Junior College in Singapore. The word, frequently used as an expression of disillusionment after one eventually learns the stark contrast in the destinies between the rich elite and the poor losers, eventually became a catchword to describe the ideal life coveted by many in the diaosi community. The word has gained considerable popularity among the VJ SM1 scholars since its launch on Renren.
Zuoshen:Wolao! You went to eat Thai Pan again is it?
Der: Yala! The canteen food cannot eat one.
Zuoshen: You GFS so zai sia; Diaosi can only eat flying.
by XYZ_Nice_Guy July 03, 2013
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It means Go Fucking Squirt. If anyone asks you to do something that you don't want to do this is what you say in reply. Normally said by people who are described as the worst person in the world. Originally said towards women but can be said to anyone.
Henry wants me to pick him up from the airport? Well he can GFS on that one
by GFSman February 17, 2011
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Tom: hey one of my old GFs told me you were gay.
Tim: you should not listen to grape fruit sandwiches they are very untrustworthy.
by killfacejj July 01, 2011
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GO FUCK SELF when you dont have alot of time to express ones whole meaning like go fuck yourself faster version
GFS mother fucker i didnt do it!
by troubledemon March 31, 2009
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Acronym: Global Forecast System. Probably the best weather forecast model available to the public at present.
Have you seen the latest GFS models?? Looking like major snowfall for next week!!!
by brendan May 30, 2004
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