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Some guy who decided to GTA his town somewhere in the shitty state of california. The guy killed like 6 people which isn't amazingly impressive for a mass murderer but what does matter is that everyone completed step 2 of his plan; fame.

He wrote a 140 fuckin page long manifesto where he complained about how he was 22 and a virgin. Sadly, he didn't learn that all women are whores and that nice guys finish last. So he never learned how to treat those dumb blond bitches like shit; hence, his dick never got wet.
Elliot Rodgers thought he was totally fabulous

His 15 minutes of fame are almost up. :(
by Douchebag82 June 13, 2014
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A little bitch who couldn't get laid so he decided to write a 138 page manifesto on how he hated humanity despite the fact that he was the son of a wealthy film producer and drove a Beamer. On Friday, May 23, 2014, he went to UCSB and shot some people because he asked a girl out and was rejected. He also made a video threatening people, it's on YouTube.
1: "Did you hear about that shooting?"
2: "Yeah that Elliot Rodger kid is a pussy."
by Ben Is Jamin May 28, 2014
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