Being left alone or kept waiting all of a sudden without end or closure; being ghosted or left in the dark.

The phrase references the tragic backstory of the antagonist Spinel from Steven Universe: The Movie, who was told to stand very still and wait on her best friend in their garden, oblivious to the fact that her "friend" had no intention of returning.
"I thought things were going well but one day she just went silent and I was left in the garden."
by DevLunar April 08, 2020
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An undercover name, used by teenagers for person who sells cannabis.
"dude, the gardener got arrested" or "i saw the gardener yesterday"
by Beckee February 22, 2008
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A band made of a duo; Fletcher and Wyatt Shesrs , driven by the genre Vada Vada. Unique in its semi-eclectic and unique sound.
Guy: Just listened to The Garden - the beats are so narly! is it expiremental, rock,electronic, alternative?

Gal: it’s Vada Vada- a mix!

Guy: wow- I suddenly discovered another aspect of life through the lyrics, I’ve never looked at it that way!

Gal: it’s fun isn’t it? !
by 10.1.9_Castro September 29, 2017
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A distant derivative of the insult hoser.

hoser -> hose -> garden hose -> garden
Taylor: Let's go to the comic convention.
You: That's a terrible idea, you garden.
Taylor: Did you just call me a hoser?
You: In so many words...
by goldsac October 31, 2007
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A person who plants and cultivates ornamental plants such as those in botanical gardens. A highly skilled gardener may be recognized as a Master Gardener.
As a Master Gardener, Xochitl told Pacho to avoid using herbicides on his lawn because the chemicals may cause harm to his pet dog, Pluto. She helped Pacho learn to use the weed twister to twist out weeds, and she told him that he may someday become a Master Weed Twister if he completely stops using herbicides in his garden.
by raycruzer September 30, 2006
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When your grandma is sitting in the house but you have a strong urge to suck your mans dick.
Grandma were gonna do some gardening
by MsMiraya February 12, 2018
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